Tim Penner - Slideways Sessions 138 - Best of 2017 [Part 1]

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Length: 360:00
Broadcast source: Podcast

[00:00]01.andhim feat. Piper Davis - Tosch(06:35)
[06:35]02.Sahar Z - Side Caution(06:27)
[13:02]03.Subconscious Tales - Shiva(04:26)
[17:28]04.Nina Kraviz - Fire (Solemn Eye Edit)(03:38)
[21:06]05.Matan Caspi - Paranara (Kastis Torrau Remix)(06:15)
[27:21]06.Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Wilde(05:14)
[32:35]07.Tim Robert - We're Good Together (Pacco & Rudy B Dub Mix)(04:15)
[36:50]08.Visage - Fade To Grey (Space Motion Remix)(06:07)
[42:57]09.Scared of Heights - Frail (Haidak Remix)(03:21)
[46:18]10.Noir feat. Richard Judge - Keep Up (Club Mix)(07:50)
[54:08]11.Rauschhaus - Magnolia(07:19)
[61:27]12.Mia Mendi & ASAS feat. Jinadu - Dunya (Simon Doty & Zein Remix)(05:12)
[66:39]13.Chris Sterio & Jairus Miller - Darkwaves (Espen Remix)(04:26)
[71:05]14.D-Rhapsody - Multiverse(05:32)
[76:37]15.Pongo - Lose My Mind (Artbat Rave Mix)(05:47)
[82:24]16.Arnas D - Stay Silence(04:42)
[87:06]17.Diatonik - Meta(06:22)
[93:28]18.Cid Inc. - Wanderer(05:12)
[98:40]19.Cristian R - Dust of Fairy (Soulwerk 6 A.M Remix)(05:12)
[103:52]20.JOBE - Paradigm(04:26)
[108:18]21.Budakid feat. Siogue - Ruler On The Throne (Einmusik & Budakid Club Edit)(05:28)
[113:46]22.Nicolas Petracca - Nalah(06:15)
[120:01]23.Nex Tone - Thea (Undo In Your Brain Remix)(02:48)
[122:48]24.Ezequiel Arias - Spaceless(06:02)
[128:51]25.Max Graham - Moonchild (Tim Penner Remix)(06:00)
[134:51]26.Stas Drive - Oasis(07:19)
[142:10]27.Coldplay - Yellow (Tvardovsky 'You Know I Love You So' Remix)(05:43)
[147:53]28.Sudha & Maneesh De Moor - Moola Meditation (Dimuth K Unofficial Remix)(05:44)
[153:37]29.Feemarx - Dusted (Danny Oliveira Remix)(04:09)
[157:46]30.Dyo Atoma - Pyretos(06:14)
[164:00]31.Luis M - Euphoria (Jossie Telch Remix)(05:25)
[169:25]32.Forerunners - Just For A While (Extended Mix)(05:25)
[174:50]33.Some Say - Lost in time(06:23)
[181:13]34.Stereo Underground feat. Sealine - Flashes (Extended Mix)(07:15)
[188:28]35.Simos Tagias - Tefra(05:59)
[194:27]36.Tom Novy & Milkwish - Jupiter (Jerome Isma-Ae & Ampish Remix)(04:26)
[198:53]37.Frank Sonic & L-Ex - Sunrise (Weekend Heroes Remix)(04:37)
[203:30]38.Michael A - Sapphire (Rise and Fall Remix)(05:45)
[209:15]39.Alexey Union - Halcyon(04:25)
[213:40]40.Faraday - Esperia(05:50)
[219:30]41.Renato - Circuits (Stas Drive Remix)(04:48)
[224:18]42.Tim Penner - The Gatekeeper(07:40)
[231:58]43.Tim Penner - The Keymaster(06:01)
[237:59]44.Platunoff - Green Apple (Lanvary Remix)(04:21)
[242:20]45.Kamilo Sanclemente - Another Earth(06:03)
[248:23]46.Tim Penner - Lost Again(05:12)
[253:35]47.Stan Serkin & Samir Kuliev - Toxic(04:09)
[257:44]48.Quivver - Wait For You (Smash TV Remix)(04:10)
[261:54]49.Kaiser Souzai - Takute(03:38)
[265:32]50.Paul Thomas - Alpha Papa (Extended Mix)(05:12)
[270:44]51.Tone Depth & Ampish - On a boat (inc. Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)(05:45)
[276:29]52.Third Son - Milsom(04:43)
[281:12]53.Be Morais - Dark Room(04:25)
[285:37]54.Weekend Heroes - Dufus(04:09)
[289:46]55.Rauschhaus - The Resurrection of Ourselves (Simon Doty's Sights On Saturn Remix)(05:12)
[294:58]56.Fashion Victimz - Conga Conga(04:25)
[299:23]57.Amber Run - I Found (Ivory & A Matter of Distance Edit)(04:57)
[304:20]58.Flowers and Sea Creatures, David Granha - Better Tomorrow (Jaap Ligthart Remix)(04:57)
[309:17]59.Kamilo Sanclemente & Golan Zocher - La Luna(04:49)
[314:06]60.Rick Pier O'Neil - Durban Poison (RPO Part 3)(06:11)
[320:17]61.Sapiens - Culture Shop (Anthony G Remix)(05:31)
[325:48]62.Donatello - Ultraviolet(05:12)
[331:00]63.Uncloak - Cratos (Night Mix)(05:45)
[336:45]64.Futur-E - Rihea (Marc DePulse Remix)(05:42)
[342:27]65.Dousk - West of Dub(04:41)
[347:08]66.Mehmet Akar - The Mind Decider(04:11)
[351:19]67.Reset Robot - The Mask Of Sanity(06:29)
[357:48]68.Jean Claude Ades feat. Sterea - Ordinary Day(02:12)

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2018-01-03 @ 20:23 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
I made some changes to this cue and the Part 2 one as well.

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2018-01-03 @ 12:29 UTC
jambowned (seanpincombe@gmail.com)
Wow, massive work.

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