Maduk - Liquicity Yearmix 2019

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Length: 84:25

[00:00]01.Koven - Love Wins Again(01:27)
[01:27]02.Andromedik ft. Ayah Marar - First To Go(01:05)
[02:32]03.Maduk ft. Calixte - Everytime(01:06)
[03:38]04.Maduk - Still In Love(00:43)
[04:21]05.Polygon ft. Loïs Lauri - High(00:44)
[05:05]06.Maduk - Coming Down(01:05)
[06:10]07.Demigroove - Rain Dance(00:44)
[06:54]08.Nelver - What It Is(00:44)
[07:38]09.Maduk ft. Diamond Eyes - Colours(01:05)
[08:43]10.Matrix & Futurebound - Believe (Flite Remix)(00:44)
[09:27]11.Maduk ft. Lachi - Go(01:27)
[10:54]12.Blue Marble ft. Josh Roa - Sanity (Fliwo Remix)(00:44)
[11:38]13.Fox Stevenson - Take You Down (Maduk Remix)(01:23)
[13:01]14.Edlan ft. Ella - Dreamcatcher (Dualistic Remix)(00:26)
[13:27]15.Seba - Lose Control (Technimatic Remix)(00:44)
[14:11]16.MC Fava ft. Seba & Emily Harkness - Hearts Wander(00:43)
[14:54]17.Fox Stevenson - Dreamland(00:44)
[15:38]18.T & Sugah ft. Voicians - Demons (Lexurus Remix)(01:08)
[16:46]19.Murdock ft. Veela - In Touch(00:41)
[17:27]20.Boxplot - Voicemail Poems(00:44)
[18:11]21.Dualistic & NCT - The Unknown (Boxplot Remix)(00:43)
[18:54]22.Monrroe ft. Alexa Harley - You Got Me(01:27)
[20:21]23.T & Sugah - Descenders(01:06)
[21:27]24.Flite ft. Karina Ramage - Calm Before The Storm(01:05)
[22:32]25.Dossa & Locuzzed ft. Patch Edison - Blinded(00:44)
[23:16]26.Mura Masa ft. A$AP Rocky - Love$ick (WATEVA Remix)(01:05)
[24:21]27.Boxplot ft. Voicians - We Lose It All(01:06)
[25:27]28.NCT ft. Skyelle - Astrophysical(00:43)
[26:10]29.Aperio ft. Maddy - Days & Nights(01:06)
[27:16]30.Oakwite - Chlorophyll(00:44)
[28:00]31.Bert H & High N Sick - Timeless(00:46)
[28:46]32.Minos - Wonderwhy(00:44)
[29:30]33.Feint ft. Veela - Vagrant (Smooth Remix)(01:05)
[30:35]34.Murdock - Ruby Moon(00:44)
[31:19]35.Edlan & Djah - Meadows(01:05)
[32:24]36.Smote - Sleep Walking(00:44)
[33:08]37.Rameses B ft. Rachel Hirons - Open Your Eyes (L PLUS Remix)(01:27)
[34:35]38.Polygon - Feel This Good(00:44)
[35:19]39.Demigroove ft. Ro - Always Fading(01:27)
[36:46]40.Maduk & Dennis Pedersen ft. Ella Noël & RINO - Miles Apart (Fox Stevenson Remix)(00:44)
[37:30]41.Dustkey - Hidden Love (Hiraeth X Sektor & Subsequent Remix)(01:05)
[38:35]42.Telomic & Laura Brehm - Home (Keeno Remix)(00:44)
[39:19]43.Madface ft. MVE - Help Me (Edlan Remix)(00:43)
[40:02]44.Terror ft. Obi Franky - Feels The Same(00:44)
[40:46]45.Lexurus - Make Me(00:44)
[41:30]46.Jack Mirror ft. Voicians - This Lie(01:27)
[42:57]47.Polygon - Contradiction(00:43)
[43:40]48.Zoë Moon - Falling (Rameses B Remix)(01:28)
[45:08]49.Rameses B ft. Veela - Get Through(00:43)
[45:51]50.Rameses B - Ivy(00:44)
[46:35]51.Itro - Let You Go(01:05)
[47:40]52.Polygon ft. Dirkje Cil - Unspoken(00:44)
[48:24]53.Flite - Decisions(01:06)
[49:30]54.Boxplot & Ownglow - Polaroids Of You(00:43)
[50:13]55.The Outsiders ft. Ida - Burning(01:06)
[51:19]56.Dan Dakota - Stood In The Dark (Andromedik Remix)(00:43)
[52:02]57.Andromedik - I Want You(00:44)
[52:46]58.The Outsiders ft. Pyvot - All Night Long(01:05)
[53:51]59.Flite - Be Still (Makoto Remix)(01:06)
[54:57]60.Cartoon ft. Kristel Aaslaid - Made Me Feel (Champion Remix)(00:43)
[55:40]61.Raise Spirit - The Temple (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)(01:06)
[56:46]62.Smooth - For Good(00:44)
[57:30]63.Blaine Stranger - Losing Myself(01:05)
[58:35]64.Aetherial & Cosmic Sequence - Cold Tears(01:06)
[59:41]65.Dualistic & Subsequent ft. Ella - Sunrise (BCee Remix)(00:21)
[60:02]66.Mat Zo - Vice [ [MAD ZOO]](00:44)
[60:46]67.Andromedik ft. Voicians - Won't Let Go(01:05)
[61:51]68.BMotion - The Focus(00:44)
[62:35]69.Invermere & Veela - Come Fly Away(00:44)
[63:19]70.Edlan ft. Anastasia - Moonlight(01:05)
[64:24]71.Silence Groove - Moon That Never Sets(00:44)
[65:08]72.Ekko & Sidetrack ft. Reija Lee - Long Summer (ShockOne Remix)(01:27)
[66:35]73.Station Earth ft. Roos Denayer - Cold Green Eyes (Blue Marble VIP)(01:05)
[67:40]74.Flite - Skywalker(00:44)
[68:24]75.Smote - Summertime (Nelver Remix)(01:06)
[69:30]76.Netsky & Stargate - Nobody (Lexurus Bootleg)(00:43)
[70:13]77.Matrix & Futurebound ft. Ayak - Follow Me (Polygon Remix)(01:06)
[71:19]78.T & Sugah X Zazu - Lost On My Own (Flite Remix)(00:43)
[72:02]79.Edlan & MVE & Neil - Go Back Home(01:06)
[73:08]80.Nelver - Imagination(00:00)
[73:08]81.Edlan - Middle Of Nowhere(01:49)
[74:57]82.Air.K & Cephei X Edlan - Smiles(00:43)
[75:40]83.Savi ft. Ida Da Silva - Losin' Myself (Fliwo Remix)(01:06)
[76:46]84.Roos Denayer - The Style Of Evermore (Blue Marble Remix)(00:44)
[77:30]85.Matrix & Futurebound - Hindsight (Millbrook Remix)(01:05)
[78:35]86.Dan Dakota - We Let Em Go (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)(00:44)
[79:19]87.Melinki & Low:r - Whats Real(01:05)
[80:24]88.Nelver - Heatwave(00:44)
[81:08]89.Murdock ft. Djuna - All Day All Night(00:54)
[82:02]90.Murdock & Submatik ft. Jenna G - Good Luv (T & Sugah Remix)(00:44)
[82:46]91.Boxplot - Escape With The Clouds (VIP)(01:39)

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