John Askew - Live @ Magic at Groove in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015-10-31)

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Length: 364:39
Release group: Soundcloud

[00:00]01.ID - ID (Askew Intro Edit)(02:10)
[02:10]02.Simon Patterson - Apex(07:28)
[09:38]03.Aly & Fila & Omar Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal - A New Age (Askew Edit)(03:39)
[13:17]04.John Askew - Fade To Black (Vlind Remix)(04:28)
[17:45]05.Pablo Anon - Andromeda (Askew Edit)(03:39)
[21:24]06.Paul van Dyk - The Other Side (John Askew Remix)(02:31)
[23:55]07.F. G. Noise - Light Speed(02:04)
[25:59]08.John Askew - Shine (Sean Tyas Remix)(03:25)
[29:24]09.Dennis Sheperd, David MeShow & Francis Gaulin feat. Julia Westlin - Les Ailes (DJ Ange Instrumental Remix)(03:12)
[32:36]10.Richard Durand - Face Of Chaos (Askew Edit)(02:28)
[35:04]11.David Tort ft. Alex Lark - In The Midnight Hour(03:29)
[38:33]12.David Forbes - Shift(04:34)
[43:07]13.Commander Tom - Are Am Eye (John Askew Remix)(05:29)
[48:36]14.Unbeat & Jaccob - Eridanus (Askew Edit)(04:34)
[53:10]15.Matt Eray - Jabuticaba(01:50)
[55:00]16.Matt Bowdidge - Cyclone (Askew Edit)(02:59)
[57:59]17.Baby Boc & The Dentist - Tales From The Seraphim (John Askew Remix)(03:52)
[61:51]18.BT & Ilan Bluestone feat. Stef Lang - All These Wounds (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) (Askew Edit)(03:55)
[65:46]19.Alexey Kotlyar & Natalie Orlie - Never Stay Alone (Rantan Remix)(02:30)
[68:16]20.Joshua Ollerton - Nova (Askew Edit)(02:44)
[71:00]21.Dualitik - Brain Controller (Steve Shaden Remix)(03:12)
[74:12]22.ID - ID(03:49)
[78:01]23.ID - ID(05:31)
[83:32]24.John Askew - Cinnamon(04:24)
[87:56]25.John Askew vs. Lange - Vandalism In The Sky (Indecent Noise's Boycott Mashup)(03:11)
[91:07]26.ID - ID(04:34)
[95:41]27.ID - ID(05:02)
[100:43]28.Audiowarp - Rise Of The Bezerk(02:11)
[102:54]29.Earth Nation - Alienated (John Askew Remix)(05:57)
[108:51]30.Ronski Speed & Jennifer Rene - Into The Sky (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) (Askew Edit)(03:25)
[112:16]31.Omega Drive - I Just Can't Believe All The Things People Say(04:08)
[116:24]32.ID - ID(02:03)
[118:27]33.Giuseppe Ottaviani - Crossing Lights (Askew Edit)(02:31)
[120:58]34.Michael Emery - Falling Into The Sun (John Askew Remix)(04:20)
[125:18]35.John Askew - The Door (John Askew Remix)(05:02)
[130:20]36.Bedrock - For What You Dream Of (Bryan Kearney's Planet Love Make Over)(03:39)
[133:59]37.Empirion - Narcotic Influence (John Askew Remix)(02:59)
[136:58]38.John Askew - Giving You Acid (Harmonic Rush 'On Salvia' Remix)(04:07)
[141:05]39.ID - ID(03:36)
[144:41]40.Simon Bostock - Reflect(04:08)
[148:49]41.Amir Hussain - Shaman(01:49)
[150:38]42.Giuseppe Ottaviani - Sunward(02:16)
[152:54]43.Matt Darey ft. Kate Louise Smith - See The Sun (Dan Stone Rework)(05:04)
[157:58]44.Bjorn Akesson - Paper Dreams(02:08)
[160:06]45.Reaky - Carpevita (Askew Edit)(04:18)
[164:24]46.Harmonic Operation - Shine Of Nature (Ellez Ria Remix) (Askew Edit)(03:34)
[167:58]47.Second Sine - Ipanema Girls(05:29)
[173:27]48.Leftfield - Song Of Life (John Askew Remix)(04:24)
[177:51]49.Matt Bowdidge - Sasquatch(04:20)
[182:11]50.Johnny Norberg - No One (Adam Szabo Remix) (Askew Edit)(02:18)
[184:29]51.John Askew - Picture Of Dorian(05:15)
[189:44]52.Under This - Time To Rock (Askew Edit)(02:45)
[192:29]53.Gary Noon - Mayday(03:39)
[196:08]54.Alex Di Stefano - Escape From The Past (Omega Drive Escape Rework)(04:35)
[200:43]55.Future One - Connected (Noon & Morgan Remix) (Askew Edit)(02:30)
[203:13]56.John Askew - Torture Chamber(05:55)
[209:08]57.Itzaia - Dark Matter(03:00)
[212:08]58.ID - ID(03:11)
[215:19]59.Harmonic Rush - Fatality (Askew Edit)(04:06)
[219:25]60.Skyfield - Calm Before The Storm (Askew Edit)(02:59)
[222:24]61.Dan Stone feat. Victoria Shersick - Only The Memories (Askew Edit)(03:53)
[226:17]62.Abstract Vision feat. Hydro Poison - Back To Light (Askew Edit)(03:25)
[229:42]63.John Askew - The Witch(05:30)
[235:12]64.Sean Tyas - Way Down In Mexico(04:13)
[239:25]65.Beat Service & Ana Criado - An Autumn Tale (Kaimo K Remix) (Askew Edit)(03:40)
[243:05]66.ID - ID(02:45)
[245:50]67.Arkatec - Soulpiercer (Dualitik Remix)(02:30)
[248:20]68.ID - ID(01:50)
[250:10]69.Goncalo M - Infinite Black(03:40)
[253:50]70.John Askew - Bad Apple (Sly One vs Jurrane Remix)(03:25)
[257:15]71.Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor - Opium(04:34)
[261:49]72.Paul Denton - Wire Tap(03:40)
[265:29]73.John Askew - Mechanism(03:53)
[269:22]74.ID - ID(03:54)
[273:16]75.Underworld - To Heal (John Askew Remix)(05:05)
[278:21]76.Feu dOr - The Computer(03:05)
[281:26]77.Michael Kaelios - Focus On (Unbeats Unbeat3n Mix) (Askew Edit)(02:17)
[283:43]78.John Askew - Shine(05:29)
[289:12]79.Michael Kaelios - Focus On (Unbeats Unbeat3n Mix) (Askew Edit)(01:51)
[291:03]80.Indecent Noise - Tremors (Darren Porter Remix)(03:59)
[295:02]81.John Askew - Bored Of You Bored Of Me (David Forbes Remix)(03:53)
[298:55]82.DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access (John Askew Remix)(04:38)
[303:33]83.John Askew - Plush(05:32)
[309:05]84.Omega Drive - Trip To Argentina(04:07)
[313:12]85.Kevin Crowley - Windmills (Noon & Morgan Remix) (Askew Edit)(05:19)
[318:31]86.John Askew - Fade To Black(04:07)
[322:38]87.RAM - RAMnesia (TrancEye Remix)(01:40)
[324:18]88.Jerome Isma-Ae - Smile When You Kill Me(01:38)
[325:56]89.A & N vs. John O'Callaghan - Just When I Think There's An Answer(05:29)
[331:25]90.Yahel & Liya - Shadows (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)(01:09)
[332:34]91.Kuffdam & Plant - Summerdream (Stoneface & Terminal) (Askew Edit)(01:50)
[334:24]92.John O’Callaghan - Stresstest (John Askew Remix)(05:54)
[340:18]93.Simon Patterson - Smack (John Askew Remix)(05:59)
[346:17]94.ID - ID(01:34)
[347:51]95.PH1 - Sizzling Love(09:12)
[357:03]96.Eric Prydz - Opus (Four Tet Remix)(07:36)

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