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2024-06-28 @ 07:39 UTC
If you like deep trance (like what John '00' Fleming plays) give Forescape Radio a try. Enlusion's track selection is top notch.
2024-06-04 @ 10:19 UTC
Added 4 last Global DJ Broadcast
2024-05-05 @ 21:18 UTC
frifox (
I’ can check that once I'm back in a week
2024-05-05 @ 14:09 UTC
Please fix the button [Move cue], it does not work ☹️
2024-04-27 @ 03:31 UTC
@stev0b answer me @ hulkshare ;)
2024-03-20 @ 05:33 UTC
Kekc (
Hi guys. Does somebody know cue editor and player at the same time on iOS for iPhone?
2024-03-03 @ 10:34 UTC
lindmik (
Yup. :p
2024-03-03 @ 10:29 UTC
jambo (
Long time no post!
2024-02-27 @ 07:07 UTC
cheers everyone! :)
2024-02-22 @ 16:02 UTC
frifox (
hi. It’s me.
2024-02-22 @ 15:14 UTC
Hello. Can I get the admin email?
2023-08-03 @ 22:17 UTC
Hello People on Cuenation
It's August and Time for vacation, Ferragosto (Feriae Augusti).
I'll take a break and
I will not be present on two Live ASOT episode 1133 & 1134
When I return, i'll make up for both episodes.
Be Good & Take Care
and I will see you soon on ASOT 1135 (24.08.2023)
With best Regards
baby967 vs. 769ybab
2023-06-30 @ 17:29 UTC
My congrats on 60.000 cue file on CueNation!!! 🙌😎
2023-03-20 @ 13:57 UTC
Nevermind that previous message, I found out that the 320kbps mp3 I mentioned is probably from a stream rip which had some issues, as a result the times are off from a certain point. Times in the updated cue are now for the audio in YT link posted with the cue.
2023-03-20 @ 11:47 UTC
Just added a cue for Armin's 6hrs ASOT 1000 Celebration set, timings are for the 320bps mp3 that can be found on the net. If you want to use this cue for the audio from the YT video you will need to apply a 14s time shift.
2023-01-02 @ 12:21 UTC
Happy New Year everyone! Here's to many cues in 2023
2022-10-11 @ 18:09 UTC
Oh, I have found, sorry, my bad search request.
2022-10-10 @ 16:30 UTC
Knoxy (
Where is DJ Suhov's set??
2022-08-28 @ 15:24 UTC
Hello. Can I get the admin email?
2022-07-28 @ 21:51 UTC
Hello People on CueNation
It is almost August, time to go on vacation (Feriae Augusti).
I'm telling everyone I'll take a break and
I will not be present on two live ASOT episode 1080 & 1081
When I return, i'll make up for both episodes.
Be Good & take care
and I will see you soon on ASOT 1082 (18.08.2022)
With best regards
baby967 vs. 769ybab
2022-06-15 @ 18:36 UTC

Try to find the monstrous "Greidor Allmaster - 1000 Best Tracks of Life (History of Transe 1993-2013)". It really has 1000 tracks and the total time almost 83 hours. The mix not presented as Yarmix and each track has 5-6 minutes on average. I once tried to find it in the form of Continous Mix with one file, but I could not, because in internet you can find bad CUEed Mixcut version.

Good luck in listening! ))
2022-06-11 @ 23:44 UTC
Cyril (
Has anyone else ever found another mix like Blackplasma - Transcendence (The History Of Trance)? It's amazing.
2022-06-03 @ 03:05 UTC
St. Jetto (
Big thanks, @MarQ, really appreciate it
2022-06-02 @ 14:02 UTC
I've done so. One of the best mixes ever. Link on the cue page (click my name).
2022-06-02 @ 07:36 UTC
St. Jetto (
Guys, anyone can re-upload the MP3 of Blackplasma - Transcendence (The History Of Trance) Mix? Much appreciated
2022-03-30 @ 17:36 UTC
chudy5d (
2022-03-13 @ 13:17 UTC
YoDA (
2022-03-01 @ 22:21 UTC
chudy5d (
Hi! Do you know where to find some old episodes of Future Sound of Egypt? Years 2006 - 2010. It is really hard to find some mp3 or video.
2022-01-11 @ 07:59 UTC
frifox (
I think I know why. I’ll check it later today when I get on a pc
2022-01-11 @ 07:57 UTC
The cue being moved from the Club Life Afterhours to the Club Life is not displayed in the Club Life.
2022-01-06 @ 05:44 UTC
frifox (
cue info updating is working ok now
2021-12-27 @ 10:36 UTC
How to fix the total lenght in cuesheet editor?
2021-11-29 @ 23:03 UTC
DnB megamix alarm! 153 tracks in 3.5 hours: "DJ B-12 - Stress Factor Podcast #253 (2021-04-30) (Decade Of Stress Factor Drum & Bass Podcast Megamix)"

walterfregolotti, thanks for the hint. I found link to another megamix in comments to "Resonate Together #005".

So, CUE is uploaded. Check this out.
2021-11-28 @ 17:34 UTC
DnB megamix alert: "DJ B-12 - Resonate Together 005" is up. Enjoy!
2021-11-26 @ 06:36 UTC
Pretty cool seeing my ASOT gsheet being shared around. Will see if I can update it a bit more at some point...
2021-11-10 @ 16:57 UTC
Cyril (
Thank you very much @chudy5d !
2021-11-10 @ 13:39 UTC
chudy5d (
@Cyril: here you go :)
2021-11-09 @ 15:44 UTC
Cyril (
Hello everyone,
I know this is a bit random but I’m wondering if anyone would know where I could find a complete tracklist history for all A State of Trance episodes in Excel/CSV/Text format? I’m looking to create a database for all ASOT episodes and scraping tracklists from websites seems a bit daunting. I asked on this website a few years ago and I think frifox or lindmik provided me a Google Sheets link. Was looking to see if that was updated by any chance? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
2021-10-30 @ 12:14 UTC
tranceaddict_cl (
catbird77, thank you for cueing Gai Barone and Paul Thomas, two podcasts I never miss.
2021-10-08 @ 19:09 UTC
YoDA (
Can't edit time info in cue.
2021-10-02 @ 05:48 UTC
stev0b (
Thanks fri
2021-09-30 @ 18:19 UTC
frifox (
lemme investigate...
2021-09-30 @ 18:18 UTC
stev0b (
Can't seem to edit the info on a cue? Trying to correct a length but not working.
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