2022-09-30 @ 08:40 UTC
lion66 (
where is cuesheets of uv radio by paul thomas, arterized by cj art, joof radio??? please...
2022-07-06 @ 21:04 UTC
lion66 (
People, where is "Artelized Visions" & "Joof radio" shows cuesheets?
Please download it, if anybody can...
2022-07-02 @ 09:38 UTC
Any chance we could get the latest from Basil O'Glue's Momentum series? Missing 74-80
2022-04-26 @ 07:19 UTC
jambo (
@hamed: We can't upload cues for commercial releases. Best not to discuss it too much either, we'd rather not get in trouble for copyright issues
2022-03-01 @ 23:55 UTC
hamed (
Anyone interested to make cue of VA - John Digweed - Live in London Recorded at fabric [BEDLDNFABD]?

I have the files.
2022-01-02 @ 03:58 UTC
St. Jetto (
Guys, can someone please make cues for Indecent Noise presents Guilty Pleasure Rodeo?

Much appreciated
2021-12-23 @ 13:45 UTC
πŸ€πŸ“– Need tracklist of this set Thanks in advance fellows!
2021-12-09 @ 17:05 UTC
can you make ABGT 461.Thanks
2021-09-26 @ 18:45 UTC
Someone fix name of podcast? I dont know why I cant fix it because after EDIT CUE is still a same mistake(!)
WRONG: Apnea Podast - Episode 57 (Mixed by DJ Tom Larson)
CORRECT: Apnea Podcast - Episode 57 (2021-08-29) (Mixed by DJ Tom Larson)
2021-08-05 @ 11:29 UTC
Please could the front page listing for Global Trance Grooves be replaced with JOOF Radio.
2021-07-09 @ 21:08 UTC
Thanks Jambo! :D
2021-07-05 @ 04:44 UTC
jambo (
@Ruku: only 4.5 months late!

@B&B: Done!

@stev0b: all 3 added with art
2021-07-05 @ 04:21 UTC
jambo (
@HandsProgrez: Sorry I haven't been checking cuenation as much lately, I just added the category for The Story and moved the existing shows over to it.
2021-06-02 @ 03:42 UTC
AchilleA tuLA (
If anyone is willing to put time into Steven Anderson same radio only episodes 331 -337, I would mind making a payment for this cue episodes. Please let me know, if not it’s fine.
2021-06-02 @ 03:29 UTC
AchillEa TuLA (
Hi everyone can someone "please" work on steve anderson Same Radio Show, 331 - 337>>>?????? Thank you so much in advance.
2021-04-04 @ 08:52 UTC
Can we have a new category "The Story" by HandsProgrez?
Banner here:
2021-03-25 @ 14:27 UTC
Hey, some1! Can you fix my cue Yotto - A Very Cold DJ Set - Lapland, Finland. Cannot make it right.
Thank you
2021-03-24 @ 16:54 UTC
Yotto - A Very Cold DJ Set - Lapland, Finland

Please )))

thank you in advance
2021-03-24 @ 11:21 UTC
stev0b (
Can we please have three new categories:
Various - Dubmission Records Series
Dense - Chill On
Kitsu - Frequencies Of Narcan
2021-03-14 @ 17:00 UTC
New category please for Datt Journey Sessions with Thomas Datt.


2021-02-25 @ 11:50 UTC
So `Silk Royal Showcase` --> `Silk Music Showcase` is now known as `Monstercat Silk Showcase`. Can we please update the category and change the artists to just be 'Various' please? Also bodged banner update here:
2021-02-04 @ 01:13 UTC
jambo (
I don't have the time these days, so if someone else could do these I would be eternally grateful
2021-01-30 @ 08:05 UTC
Can we get a new Ferry Corsten - Resonation Radio category please? Banner in the link above.
2021-01-24 @ 14:16 UTC
lindmik (
I hope we support four digit episode numbers!
2021-01-24 @ 13:57 UTC
Ciesto (
will there be a cue for ASOT 1000?
Thanks for providing all the cue files in the past.
2020-12-26 @ 00:06 UTC
Nigel S. (
Thanks to B&B for the Jaytech Winter Ambient 2020 file...anyone planning on having a go at Jaytech's Xmas Beats 2020? Hoping someone will, and thank you so much in advance...
2020-12-22 @ 08:28 UTC
Nigel S. (
Hi. Anyone going to be doing Jaytech's Winter Ambient 2020? Got all the other WA cue files from this site, and am hoping someone will ?
2020-12-11 @ 16:10 UTC
Fiji (
Does anyone have a tracklist/timestamps for Nick Warren's Oct 2020 Soundgarden mix?
2020-12-09 @ 13:26 UTC
stev0b (
Can we please have another category: 21-Year Anniversary Progressive Special
Plus the ones I requested previously....
Many thanks
2020-11-20 @ 12:26 UTC
jambo (
@stev0b: Thanks for finishing it off!
2020-11-17 @ 19:21 UTC
stev0b (
@jambo: I've been plugging away at it for a while. Just over half way.
2020-11-17 @ 13:01 UTC
jambo (
7 years later!
2020-10-31 @ 22:27 UTC
lindmik (
Sure. :)
You should have rights now.
2020-10-31 @ 21:52 UTC
As a long time uploader and lowly link-adder, may I be entrusted with full cue editing permissions? The cuesheet standard is my bible and I sometimes spot sinful errors I'd like to fix on the fly. Thanks for considering.
2020-10-29 @ 08:08 UTC
stev0b (
Can we please have three new categories:
Various - Dubmission Records Series
Dense - Chill On
Kitsu - Frequencies Of Narcan
2020-10-20 @ 12:43 UTC
jambo (
@CSD: Done. I had a listen and it sounds great!
2020-10-18 @ 21:22 UTC
Could you add a new category for Apnea Label?
2020-10-03 @ 18:31 UTC
@jambo: Thank you so much!! I appreciate the find :)
2020-10-03 @ 07:26 UTC
stev0b (
Could we please have a new category for Various - Dubmission Records Series
2020-10-03 @ 07:23 UTC
hey guys! can you upload cue files for abgt 400, 401.

thank you
2020-10-01 @ 08:21 UTC
stev0b (
@DeepProg @Jambo: If no-one else take it up I'll see what I can do.

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